Type : 5Min x 52ep

Genre : Slapstick Comedy, Horror, Puzzle

Concept : Hiding for thousands of years

                The Amazing Secret of the Ancient Pyramid!

Target : Main 9-12 years old / Sub All Age

Broadcasting : August 2020

                       (Korea Educational Broadcasting System, EBS)





The one who puts foot in here! Will meet Mori and Jiri

An endless desert. A pyramid that does not receive attention because of

its relatively small size <Manster Mansion> Manster Mori and Jiri,

who have lived there for thousands of years, have a dull daily routine And then, one day In the Manster mansion, the robbers began to come in,

and they were furious to find the treasure. Finally, Manster Mori and Jiri,

who are finally getting busy. A variety of booby traps and puzzles that they've worked on for thousands of years to build inside the Manster Mansion.

A guardian of Manster Mansion armed with that. The stolen robbers who are attacked by Mojiri Two Manster Their daily lives of pleasure! By the way,

another intruder appears? But there's something different about this guy.

In this narrow place where two of them live, a great explorer stranger comes in and begins to live, To make matters worse, she woke up to the horrible witch Neferty, who had been sleeping for thousands of years.

They start to sending their to take away something from Mori and Jiri

The pleasure of making fun of the robber is over. The story of protecting the Pyramids of Two Mansters begins now.